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When I started real estate in 2003 I had a passion for helping people. That Passion developed into a Purpose and that Purpose is to build a national network of real estate agents who want to live a life of abundance so we can give back support our local communities.

Is this you?

Let's build your Dream Life together. I have the Blueprint, The Team and The Experience to help you achieve your wildest dreams, but you have to click the button!

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How we can work together.

Community Leaders

  • The training methodology of Explore My Town

  • Grow a High Value Sphere

  • Training you can implement

  • Learn how use Video on Digital and Social Media

Explore My Town

  • Video Production tailored to your brand.

  • Video Editing

  • AI blogs and Thumbnails

  • 1:1 Support and collaboration to grow your vision.

Expansion Partners

  • 1:1 mentorship to guide you to growing a business of abundance

  • Chime IDX Website + Set Up

  • Access to proven funnels

  • Private collaborations with marketers, leaders and innovators

Real Estate, Tools and Training

Real Estate

Maine and NH

Experienced. Trusted. Referred.

Tools and Training

Live calls talking about mindset, overcoming obstacles, self and the importance of your Network.

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